village people watching computer-monitors on an old square
the future of memory
sound and video installation
civitella d'agliano, italy, 1993
computerbased algorithmic composition appending on the fibonacci sequence known as golden ratio created in realtime and played throughout speakers evenly spread around at the village square

a monitor showed computergenerated virtual diary entries of participating artists
person pressing button to change sound
siNuts (in cooperation with michael kieslinger)
interactive soundinstallation
INNtöne, sigharting, austria 1995
based on the children's book ‘kro-ko-fant’, enabling the reader to create new animals by pasting differnt heads, bodies and legs of known animals

the castle in sigharting had three floors opened to the public during the jazzfestival with each floor to be threated with different sounds, controlled by the audience by pressing buttons which triggered samples to be played throughout the speakers

the speakers on second and third floor were mounted into square plexiglass whereas the speakers on the first floor where hidden in standing limbs
composer and visual
visuals for ‘klangwelt’ (in cooperation with walter baco)
realtime motioncapturing and visualisation of composers movements during a performance
ORF2, 2oo3
still of animation
raw, 2oo7
still from algorithmic based animation
512px x 280px
object standing in entrance
you me she, 2oo7
found magazine-images, paper and acryl on wooden find
50cm x 62cm x 10cm
object on street
begegnung, 2oo7
found shoes, my battled blue shoes and acryl on wooden find
103cm x 31cm x 15cm
portrait of beuys
boeys, 2oo7
acryl on wooden find
11cm x 25cm x 9cm
object on wall
sex, 2oo6
sticky tape and acryl on wooden find
93cm x 10cm x 14cm
object on wall
innocence, 2oo5
silver film, red thread and white sheet
7.5cm x 10cm
object on wall
pure - the bride, 2oo5
stones, paper
27cm x 20cm
pure produces images in a very random orientated manner, works automatically with a socalled cursor inside the image and five different functions to move the cursor, to change the drawing color, to paint the cursors position, to draw a line from the cursor to the end of the image and to change the lines direction

changing parameters like the image size, the possible colors and their chances to be taken, the frequencies of the functions to be called result in differnt images
object on wall
pure - paris, 2oo5
mixed media
28cm x 70cm
pure free, 2oo6
electric tape on wooden find
40cm x 10cm x 5cm
abstract in blue, 2oo7
94cm x 38cm
object standing on floor
how to get something small into something bigger
(with a swiss knife), 2oo7
wooden finds
94cm x 70cm x 9cm
first i found the small wooden piece in an open waste container some streets from my home. i found the second piece at the entrance of a house early at night. Both had exactly the same depth and looked quite like two pieces of the same kind with the larger piece beeing older and more destroyed due to lives influence

at home i tried to put the small one into the big one, without any chance of course. but i liked the imagination of really trying to do so, to find a way to put these nearly hollow objects, with so much empty room inside of them, into one another. but the only solution i found was to break the larger one by using the saw of a swiss knife, destroying not only the wooden piece but also the tension that these objects had together, when still being seperated
digital picture
skin, 2oo8
algorithmically created images
elephant hanging on the wall
the elephant
mixed media, about 2m height
HGB leipzig, UT-connewitz, germany 2oo9
first the elephant was shown dressed in the white-cube athmosphere of the gallery of academy of fine arts leipzig with a big ad over his head, telling that he can be seen undressed at UT connewitz next month, where he finally showed himself nude
holographic self-adhesive foil (in cooperation with inka perl)
mixed media
gallery born+busse, leipzig, germany 2oo9
white cube in dark room
the white cube
installation with sound (3m x 3m x 3m)
central theater, scala leipzig, germany 2oo9
webpage-elements created as real objects
betakontext (in cooperation with christoph medicus)
mixed media
FIT berlin, 2oo9
wiener zeitung, 2o1o
total view of sticker
tom&jerry - nu,pogody!
pvc sticker
künstlerhaus wien, 2o11
reflecting differences and similarities of western- and eastern-european countries
painted boards at sziget festival
no name (in cooperation with ganna filatova)
acryl on wood
sziget festival, budapest, 2o12, 2o13, 2o16
res 022, 2o12
algorithmic order of fabrics on wood
80cm x 50cm
drawing of golf court
lovers lane
55cm x 23cm
plein air curacao, 2o13
silent movies - crimea, 2o13
silent movies are unordered and uncutted video-captures of different locations all over the world. the motives shown are exchangeable but timeless in the meaning of remaining as they are

each capture is both: a memory of the time at a location and a reminder of a location in the presence
dolls with visitors
big textile dolls watch small plaster figures on smartphone
LOOP screen festival barcelona, 2o13
still of animation
still from algorithmic based animation
national centre for contemporary arts, moscow, 2o14
object on wall
the fruit
mixed media
albert schweitzer haus, vienna, 2o15


converts MIDI-files to TXT-files and vice versa
published on KEYS-CD 8/2ooo (114kb)

java-library for algorithmic MIDI-composition
released in 2ooo (273kb)

java-library for complex soundsynthesis
released in 2oo1 (232kb)

java-application for motioncapturing
published at technical university in 2oo4 (434kb)
german documentation (580kb)

markerfiles of move are interpreted and visualized
released in 2oo5 (145kb)


stück nr.4
harp and analog tapemachines
realised at the institute of electroacustic music vienna in 1994
stueck4.mp3 (2,6mb)

schon verdüstert sich der himmel
prepared piano, prepared guitar and recorded analog samples
broadcasted first at Ö1 kunstradio in 1993
part1.mp3 (0,5mb)   part2.mp3 (1,5mb)
part3.mp3 (1,2mb)   part4.mp3 (2,2mb)

born 1974 in austria
1992-1995 computermusic and electronic media, university of music vienna
2oo5 master degree in computer science management, technical university of vienna
2oo6 master degree in digital arts and computer science, technical university of vienna
2oo2-2oo6 teacher at BORG for music and arts, vienna
2oo8-2oo9 fine arts, academy of visual arts leipzig, germany

2o13 estudio nomada, barcelona
2o12 art foundation curacao, willemstad
1993 progetto civitella d'agliano, italy

michael bliem
michael bliem
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ganna filatova - painting
marina fischer - graphics
maria kux - photo
konstantinos goutos - video
christian lorenz müller - text
jessica lopez - hats
heinrich mader - audio
michel demiurg - illustration

estudio nomada
gallery born+busse



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